Auxiliary Fuse Panel

Auxiliary Fuse Panel
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  • Item #: AP-2

The AP-2 is a fuse panel needed to power auxiliary electrical devices. On motorcycles, the AP-2 operates items such as GPS, heated gloves and vests etc. without have to disrupt your electrical wiring. On other vehicles, the AP-2 is a second fuse panel need to protect your new wiring when adding item such as radios, GPS, driving lamps.

The AP-2 fuse panel is identical to the AP-1 panel with the exception that the AP-2 is divided into two electrical sections. The main section contains three fuses and feeds five outputs while the second section has two fuses and three outputs. The advantage of having two sections allows the enthusiast to have fused power available for devices which need constant battery power and those which need to be switched “OFF” with the ignition key. The AP-2 can handle a maximum of 60 amperes divided into a 40 ampere and 20 ampere section. The built-in GROUND section handles a maximum of 60 amperes. The AP-2 can be connected directly to the battery or to your ignition switch.

 For those with the CAN BUS system, the AP-130R wiring kit provides a relay and wiring.

Each AP-2 comes complete with fuses and necessary hardware, instructions and one year warranty 

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