Bronco Wiring Harness

Bronco Wiring Harness
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If your wires are more than 20 years old, odds are that it's time to replace them. If you own a 1966 to 1977 Bronco, the BR-10 is the harness to buy. These brand-new wires are labeled and able to withstand up to 275-degree heat. The kit also includes the accompanying late-model electrical switches and connectors. An illustrated installation manual makes wiring your Bronco easy.

We have eliminated all of the areas which have been prone to electrical failure in older Broncos. Our new fuse box holds 11 fuses instead of the original five, and it still fits right in the glove box. The kit includes a new Ford headlamp switch, dimmer switch,  BRS-1 ignition switch adaptor plus a wiper switch. You will re-use your hazard and brake switches. Extra-long wires are provided to allow you to use modified electrical equipment such as an automatic transmission with a floor-mounted shifter containing the neutral safety and back-up lamp switches.

The engine section of the harness contains special water-proof connectors which seal each wire against oil, gasoline and other liquids. These wires supply the power to your stock or aftermarket ignition system. A special harness is included to wire the charging system with a late-model external regulator. This harness uses the much improved Ford electrical terminals. Those who take their Broncos off-road will appreciate the extra sealed connectors that are provided to wire the front turn signal, parking and side lamps.

The rear harness plugs into a sealed connector located in the engine compartment. It wires the tail/side, back-up, and stop lamps. The rear harness also includes fuel sender wire for two tanks and special sealed connectors at your tail lamps.

We strongly recommend that you invest in a PERTRONIX Ignition System for better ignition power, improved reliability, and an easier installation over your stock distributor and ignition system!


The  BR-10AA is covered by Centech's one-year warranty.

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