Chopper Harness and Custom Wiring Kit

Chopper Harness and Custom Wiring Kit
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  • Item #: CMC-1

The CMC-1 Wire kit for Choppers are broken down into these sections:

  • Turn Signal Wiring
  • Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Horn Wiring
  • Headlamp and Gauge Wiring
  • Ignition Switch Wiring
  • Quick Disconnect Rear Harness
  • Starter Relay and Neutral Safety Wiring


CMC-1 Custom Wiring Kit


  • Excellent Instruction Manual
  • Readable Schematics
  • Headlamp Wiring
  • Starter Button Wiring
  • Ignition Switch Wiring
  • Horn Button and Horn Wiring
  • Ignition System Power Wiring
  • Turn Signal Switch Wiring
  • Flasher with Quick Disconnect
  • Regulator Harness with Fuselink
  • Stoplamp(s) Harness
  • Tail and Park Lamp Harness
  • Sealed Main Circuit Breaker
  • Main Power Feed Wire
  • Breaker Panel with 3 Breakers
  • Sealed Starter Relay
  • Gauge and Instrument Harness
  • Stainless Steel Locknuts
  • Rubber Mounting Isolators
  • Tie Wraps and Woven Wire Loom
  • Electrical Solder Lugs
  • Heat Shrink Tubing and Solder


Minature Circuit Breaker Panel used in CMC-1 Kit for power distribution

The CMC-1 Chopper wiring kit is designed to be flexible enough to wire all American Choppersand many foreign motorcycles -- you customize our motorcycle wire kit to suit your needs. The kit is packaged in several sections to make the installation process as simple and quick as possible.

It features the best high-temperature (275 degree) Cross-Link wire that is labeled every three inches or closer. Each connector that is supplied is of the highest quality and is chosen to fit your bike with the least effort. A unique sealed starter relay is included to eliminate relay failure. A tiny circuit breaker panel allows for easy mounting and wiring. Rubber isolators and stainless steel locknuts protect the panel from engine vibration. Quick disconnect connectors feature water tight seals and allow easy maintenance. A heavy-duty sealed circuit breaker protects against failure of the battery feed wire while a special fuselink protects the alternator feed wire.

An instruction manual and several schematics are included with each kit to help you layout the best harness for your motorcycle. The CMC-1 is covered by Centech's one-year warranty.

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