Early CJ Wiring Kit

Early CJ Wiring Kit
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  • Item #: GV-16J

Includes Wired Fuse Panel plus:

  • Headlamp switch wiring
  • Dimmer switch wiring
  • Ignition switch wiring
  • Gauge/instrument wiring
  • Parking & tail lamp wires
  • Turn signal wiring
  • Horn wiring with relay
  • Delco alternator wiring
  • Heater fan feed
  • Wiper feed
  • Ignition system power
  • Interior lamp wiring
  • Stereo wiring
  • Auxiliary power feeds

Includes special CJ connectors:

  • Front park/turn
  • Bolt-on turn signal
  • Late-model turn signal
  • Jeep dash ignition switch
  • Late-model ignition
  • Instrument lamp terminals

This GV-16 kit is especially designed for early CJ and Willy's Jeeps. The GV-16J supplies the basic materials you need to replace your old wiring. The kit comes with individual wiring packages and instructions which allow you to wire your vehicle in several sections, including the fuse panel, ignition system, charging system, turn signals, stop lamps, headlamps, and Jeep cluster instruments and auxiliary.

Terminals, connectors, and other auxiliary materials are included to help with the remaining wiring. You use your Jeep switches with our wires or purchase new switches (SWK-2J) with your kit. GV-16J kits use labeled high-temperature soldered wires. Instructions are included to lead you step-by-step through the installation process.


A tip for 6-Volt Jeep Owners:

If you have an early Willy's or CJ with a 6-volt charging system, use the GV-16J Kit along with the SWK-2J Switch Kit. The GV-16J Kit features the wiring for the inexpensive Delco charging system and for 12-volt lamps, horns, etc.

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