Fan Relay with Sender

Fan Relay with Sender
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  • Item #: FC-3
  • High Quality Wire
  • 40-Amp Relay
  • Automatic Operation
  • or Manual Switiching
  • Fusible Link
  • Easy Installation


The FC-3 fan control relay kit automatically operates your cooling fan to hold the engine at a set temperature. Choose from 185 or 195 degrees.

An engine temperature switch comes with each kit is used in conjunction with a 40 ampere relay to switch power to fans up to 18" diameter. Additionally, you can use a toggle switch as a manual over-ride to operate the fan anytime you want no matter what the engine temperature.

The FC-3 comes with a fusible link to protect the wiring between the fan and the battery.

There is a one year warranty and complete instructions with each kit.

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