The IG-8000 Gauge is used to monitor  operation of your ignition system. This is similar to your oil pressure gauge.

As you know, modern ignition systems require adequate voltage  and quality components for proper operation so if you're having a performance problem, it would be nice if you could just look at your gauges to determine the cause.  Now you can immediately determine the problem if it's due to a ignition system failure. In the past, racers would diagonise a possible ignition deficiency by replaceing the ignition box, coil, distributor etc. Not only does the IG-8000 monitor the "spark plug energy", it also keeps track of low ignition box voltage and detects "engine misses" during operation.


The IG-8000 is a super light unit using the lastest "stepper motor" technology  and fits into a 2 5/8" round panel opening or cup for easy visibilty. It requires 3 wires connections (i.e. BATTERY POWER, GROUND and SENSOR SIGNAL) just like a standard gauge. The sensor is mounted in the engine compartment near the coil.

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