Jeep CJ Wiring Harness

Jeep CJ Wiring Harness
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  • Easy installation
  • Rugged fuse panel
  • Soldered connections
  • Protective fusible links
  • Sealed firewall connector
  • Special ground wires

We offer a complete, better-than-new replacement harness for your 1976 to 1983 Jeep CJ-5 and CJ-7. Our extra-rugged wiring harness was built to withstand even the roughest terrain. The JP kits feature our PDP-1 fuse panel in conjunction with a sealed firewall connector. The high-temperature labeled wires can even be placed safely in the engine compartment. Each wire terminal is also machine crimped and hand soldered for maximum reliability. Fusible links are installed on several high-current wires for further protection. Special ground wires are installed in each harness to allow for easy installation on fiberglass body Jeeps. The harnesses are wrapped in split conduit and are inspected for accuracy. Options include a modified instrument harness which is available for most aftermarket instruments. All JP kits are covered by a one-year warranty.

he complete Jeep harness comes in three sections. The engine harness is pre-wired for all your lamps, Delco alternator, horn, and fan motor, etc. There's no problem if you don't have the original engine in your jeep. Labeled wires make connecting your instruments to the engine easy. Extra ground wires are included in this harness for fiberglass bodies.

The dash harness plugs into your existing switches, gauges, and switch indicator lamps. New gauge bulbs and stainless steel locknuts are included for reliability. The gauge cluster portion of each harness can be easily modified to support aftermarket instruments. Again, extra ground wires are included.

The rear harness plugs into the dash harness and comes with special waterproof connectors for the tail lamps. Back-up wires and side lamps are included, too.

The Deluxe JP kits feature the sleek PDP-1B fuse panel , while the Standard JP kits come with a sturdy, uncovered 28 circuit panel.

Jeeps made prior to 1976 can use this kit if they exchange their stock steering column with a later-model General Motors ('69 up) steering column with a built-in ignition switch. CJs newer than 1983 come with some form of engine control module. We do not supply wiring between the module and the engine. You must re-use the existing wiring or eliminate the module. Many customers have already exchanged the engine or eliminated the module to remove this wiring. You can easily use the JP-83 harness with modified CJs.

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