PDP-1B High Tech Fuse Panel

PDP-1B High Tech Fuse Panel
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  • Item #: PDP-1B


  • 13 fuse positions
  • 28 labeled circuits
  • 5 ground circuits
  • BAT · IGN · ACC · GND
  • horn relay
  • hazard flasher
  • turn flasher
  • stainless steel top cover
  • stainless steel hardware
  • mounting screws
  • instructions

The rugged PDP-1B fuse panel is a compact 3.5" x 6.0" unit which holds 13 modern plastic ATC fuses, a horn relay, turn signal flasher and hazard flasher. A special ground strip is included for use with fiberglass bodies. The PDP-1B is topped off with a polished stainless steel cover.


Heavy-duty studs bring power into the panel while lugless connectors allow you to wire your vehicle without using clumsy electrical terminals.

Not only is there a place for all the standard items, but also a place to hook up every gadget you would want to add to your car. 
Maybe you want a panel connection for:

  • Power Door locks
  • Power Deck Lid
  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Antenna
  • Radio Amp
  • Window Defroster

No Problem!

This fuse panel comes standard with the K-20B, K-40B and our new Timesaver wiring kits. It can be used in all types of automobiles, including street rods, kit cars, jeeps and off-road vehicles. The panel is compatible with all ignition systems, switches, and alternators up to 200 amperes.

Included with every panel are Heavy-duty electrical lugs, solder, stainless steel locknuts, heat shrink tubing, mounting hardware and wiring instructions. And every PDP-1B has a one-year warranty.

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