PDP-3 Mini Fuse Panel

PDP-3 Mini Fuse Panel
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This Mini fuse panel is design specifically for use where space is a premium.  The  3.5” square panel comes with brackets to fit in 55, 56 and 57 Chevy's and will work in Street Rods, Off Road Trucks or in any vehicle where space is limited.

It contains fuses for a moderate sized vehicle and can be expanded to power A/C,  power windows, etc. 

The power comes into the panel via 3 heavy duty copper studs and goes out via the "lugless" terminal strips for easy wiring. Mounting is by two brackets. These brackets are identical to a stock 57 Chevy fuse panel. The brackets can be removed for applications where they are not required.

The tiny panel has 12 circuits which can handle in excess of 100 amperes and measures a tiny 3.5" x 3.5". The PDP-3 utilizes the new MINI fuses to save space.

The PDP-3 Mini fuse panel comes complete with stainless steel harware and electrical terminals and is covered by Centech's one year warrantry.

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