Wiring Harnesses

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Bronco Wiring Harness Early CJ Wiring Kit Jeep CJ Wiring Harness
Bronco Wiring HarnessEarly CJ Wiring KitJeep CJ Wiring Harness

We've improved our BR-10 harness to make it easier to install your C4 or C6 transmission PLUS we've added direct wiring to the tail lamps to simplify that wiring.

This GV-16 kit is especially designed for early CJ and Willy's Jeeps. The GV-16J supplies the basic materials you need to replace your old wiring.

We offer a complete, better-than-new replacement harness for your 1976 to 1983 Jeep CJ-5 and CJ-7. Our extra-rugged wiring harness was built to withstand even the roughest terrain. 




Chopper Harness and Custom Wiring Kit Chopper Wiring Kit Custom Rod Wiring Kit
Chopper Harness and Custom Wiring KitChopper Wiring KitCustom Rod Wiring Kit

The CMC-1 Chopper wiring kit is designed to be flexible enough to wire all American Choppersand many foreign motorcycles -- you customize our motorcycle wire kit to suit your needs.

The CMC-2 is good for "minimal" chopper (those with just the bare essentials). It does NOT include the turn signal wiring nor a starter relay.


Our kits feature the "point-to-point" wiring system which uses color-coded and labeled high temperature cross-link wires. 




Ford Wiring Harness Great Value Wiring Harness
Ford Wiring HarnessGreat Value Wiring Harness

Our K-40F is a custom wiring kit designed especially for 1960-and-newer Ford up to 1980 applications using FoMoCo switches and accessories

We offer high quality wiring kits made specifically for your vehicle. These kits feature our standard GV-16 fuse panel and labeled high-temperature wires which makes wiring easier.



1 - 8 of 8 items