About Us

Our Company History

Centech, Inc. was founded back in 1986 to fill a gap in the street rod market for high-quality wiring and electrical products. One of the first products we offered was the PDP-1B fuse panel which is still smaller and more reliable than similar products offered by other companies.
Since those early days, our product line has greatly expanded. We now offer wiring harnesses and controllers for all types of vehicles, from jeeps to motorcycles. We also offer other manufacturers' high-quality products such as Spal fans, BeCool radiators, and ididit steering columns.

Today, we stick to the principles that we built this business on: we believe in providing safe, high-quality products that are easy to install and do what you need them to do.

Our kits are built to last.

Centech, Inc. goes to extremes to use the best materials available to manufacture our wiring kits. We use materials manufactured in the United States. You may find some items which are assembled outside this country, but they are in the minority.
We use color-coded, high temperature Cross-Link SAE J-1128 Type GXL and SXL wire in all our kits. We label the wire every few inches to help you identify each wire. This wire is designed to operate at 275 degrees. That means that this wire can still work at full capacity even when it is used inside the engine compartment. It is resistant to oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, and other substances. Many competitors use less expensive, low temperature PVC wire to reduce their cost.

Many customers say out kit is "over-designed" due to our use of extra heavy Cross-Link wires. We don't skimp on the wire size or on the safety features, such as the fuselinks which help protect your vehicle.

We only use "tinned" (not brass) electrical terminals when available. Each terminal is machine-installed and hand-soldered. This guarantees that each electrical connection is the best and will work under the harshest conditions.

Fuse panels are machine-soldered to insure proper operation and use lugless connections whenever possible. We use the completely enclosed "ATC"-type fuses that prevent any spark from occurring if a fuse should blow. Our relays are the best available. Heavy-duty studs or lugless connectors are used to bring power into and out of our fuse panels.

Our kits are shipped in several packages and include instructions for installation. Our instructions feature diagrams as well as written instructions.