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    Bronco BR-10 EXT IG-8000
    BR-3G4G Alternator WiringBronco BR-10 EXTIG-8000

    Install your HIGH CURRENT Ford 3G or 4G alternator to support applications which require more than your standard Ford alternator which uses an external regulator.






    1 - 3 of 3 items

    Why Buy from Centech?

    1. Our kits are built to last!

      At Centech, we take great care to use only the best materials available to manufacture our wiring kits. We use materials manufactured in the United States almost exclusively. After all, to build a quality product, you must start with quality components.

      All the wire in our kits is color-coded, high temperature Cross-Linked SAE J-1128 Type GXL and SXL wire. This wire is designed to operate at 275 degrees and can work at full capacity even when used inside the engine compartment. In addition, the molecular cross-linking offers superior cut-through resistance that helps protect the wire against chafing which is caused by sharp edges.

      The wire insulation is also resistant to oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, and other substances, which increases the life of our harness kits.

      Many of our competitors use less expensive, lower temperature PVC wire to reduce their cost so they cannot offer you a product with the superior properties that cross-Linked wire provides.

    2. Guilty as charged.

      Some of our customers say our kits are "over-designed" due to our use of heavy-duty components. At Centech, we don¹t skimp on quality or on the safety features, such as the Fusible Links, which are crucial to protecting your vehicle. The extra heavy cross-linked wires are also labeled every few inches for easy identification and installation.

      We use only "tinned", rather than brass electrical terminals whenever possible. Each terminal is machine-installed and hand-soldered. It¹s more work, but it guarantees that each electrical connection is optimum and will continue to work even under the harshest conditions.

      All Centech fuse panels are machine-soldered to insure proper operation, and use lug connections whenever possible. We specify enclosed "ATC"-type fuses that prevent sparking in case a fuse failure should occur. The relays we use are the best available. Heavy-duty studs or lugless connectors are used to bring power into and out of our fuse panels.

      We are so confident in the quality of our product that each kit, including all switches and wires, is covered by our conditional one-year warranty.

    3. Great Instructions

      Our kits are shipped in several packages and include comprehensive instructions for installation. Our instructions feature visual diagrams as well as simple to understand written instructions to make the installation process as easy as possible.

      At Centech, quality and safety are our number one priority and this can't be achieved by cutting corners! Years of engineering experience, from simple wiring to integrated circuit design, have taught us that compromising quality or our customers' safety is not the way to build the best product.

      After all, our continued success can only come from repeat, satisfied, customers, like you.